H1Z1 Producer’s Update February 14th

  • February 18, 2017 at 6:11 pm #661

    Hi Survivors!

    We’ve been heads down and hard at work since the last update in late December and I’m happy to announce that we’re rolling out an extensive quality of life patch today that addresses several issues (over 100 individual fixes and new features!) and also establishes a new lighting baseline for the game as we continue to polish the weather system. I realize that a lot of people in the community are hoping to see new features and systems introduced in this update (especially after watching the Community Outbreak we just did last week) but as we said during the show, we’re not quite there yet. There’s an intersection point ahead of us where we’ll finally be able to flip to the second part of the mantra, “Fix now. Cool later.” We still have work to do on the foundation of JS before we can make good on those new plans for all of you, and extensive Quality Of Life updates like this one today will make that possible.

    As you know, we’ve refocused and reprioritized what’s essential for the game over these past few months. It’d be very easy for me to go into detail about everything we plan to roll out this year for Just Survive, but I feel doing so would be a tremendous disservice to all of you if features or dates slipped. We don’t want to be that kind of development team. While I understand the frustration you as players feel, I do hope you understand why it’s important for us to be a little more responsible in how we announce and roll out brand new features.

    Your feedback is always amazing and the entire team here hopes you keep that up. I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: we don’t get a chance to reply to everything, but we do read every single thing you post. I love this community’s enthusiasm and hope that these updates mean as much to you as they do to us. It is not lost on us just how important this game is to all of you. I hope our dedication to you with updates like this demonstrates just how important the game is to us, too.

    Thank again for your continued patience and support. We hope you enjoy the update!



    Game Update Notes:

    New lighting and light emitter effects (darker nights/interiors and better looking light emitter effects. Keep that flashlight handy!)
    New zombie navigation system (zombies are smarter and more aggressive)
    New low-loot servers: Deadwood – Low Loot (US) and Sparta – Low Loot (EU) have low-loot rule sets for players looking for a more desperate survival experience.
    Visitor permissions are now automatically granted to anyone who successfully enters a code on a base door
    Lead Pipes now melt down into Lead Alloy
    Cooking containers now have maximum bulk limits
    Changed the way ammo spawns to reduce clumping (please note: this did not reduce total ammo spawns or change loot quantities)
    Chain link fences can now be destroyed with melee weapons

    Changed the way certain dynamic objects render to improve client performance
    New base-building component optimizations to improve client performance
    Optimized timer-based items to improve their performance (cooking containers, IEDs, crops, etc.) to improve server performance
    Changed the way crops render to improve client performance
    Improved zombie navigation (in addition to zombies behaving better, they’re also now handled more efficiently)

    Continued and ongoing fair-play/exploit countermeasures
    Fixed an exploit where people could turn in hospital air drop quests without removing all of the quest items from their inventory
    Wrenches now lose durability when hitting vehicle tires
    Fixed an exploit where players could clip through upper shelter walls by mashing several movement+stance keys at once
    Furnaces placed on ramps and expansions will now take damage correctly
    Players can no longer place torches on decks they do not own
    Punji sticks no longer damage players through doors
    Players can no longer glitch doors and gates to build them backwards
    Fixed an issue where players could overlap certain base building items by building them over base gaps

    Fixed Emotes (emotes stopped working for people on a per account basis)
    Fixed several crash-to-desktop conditions
    Fixed an issue where timer-based items could take significantly longer than they should to cook/detonate/grow
    Fixed an issue where you could get your gun into a state where it appeared to be loaded but would instead fire a blank round
    Corn mash now converts to moonshine correctly
    Fixed a fertilizer bug where it would expire before the crop was ready to harvest
    Fixed a bug with crumpled notes where dropping them would turn them into a battered trash can
    Base ejection no longer ejects white-list server admins from a base if they don’t have base permissions
    Fixed a bug where vehicles would slowly migrate in water
    Fixed an issue where targeting the edge of a deck wouldn’t bring up the building permissions list
    Shock trap FX will now play every time a player triggers a trap instead of just the first time
    Fixed an issue where punji sticks would deal inconsistent damage
    Updated various tool tips to better explain functionality and specific recipes
    Fixed an issue where a player’s head could disappear permanently after backing into a corner in third person POV
    Fixed an issue where the flashlight would switch off after backing into a corner
    Fixed an issue where clouds would pop/stutter
    Fixed an issue where clouds would rapidly expand and contract
    Fixes BBQ/furnace rendering FX issues
    Fixed various issues with new zombie navigation interfering with CQC/player interactions
    Fixed an issue with the machete not melting down properly
    Temporarily removed night vision goggles until they can be properly redesigned (previous incarnation did not function as expected)

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