Welcome to Dominion Of Greyhawk gaming servers

The servers will likely not appear in the in-game server browser because its limited to 4500 random servers and the Ark devs never increased it (see the official Ark server host KB article at https://server.nitrado.net/eng/faqs/show/657/my-ark-survival-evolved-doesnt-appear-in-the-server-list). So use the method below to connect faster. The steam link below each server let's you directly connect to that server! Share it with your friends to get them in-game faster!

When you click on the steam link you will get a popup window
Open Steam Client Bootstrapper
this is normal and safe.

Servers that are online have an * asterisk before the name.

Server Rules

This is a friendly gaming community and Discord server, however, there are a few rules:

All players need to join the discord Channel

No DRAMA of any kind.

Political/Religious/Racial/Homophobic talk is not allowed here

Respect each other

Treat a women like a women

Don't Be A Dick.

Don't Block Content.

So login to Discord and say hello so we know who you are make yourself at home just obey the few rules we have above.

Your host at Dominion Of Greyhawk is

Sarge McCraken

* Miscreated

Ragings Miscreated Server FL add to steam servers for access

Host is


* 7 days to die

The House of Greyhawk
Password: Log onto Discord for more info
Slots: 30 World Size: 2x (256km/159m)
Web Map: http://greyhawk.ftwgamer.com/7dtd/static/index.html

* Ark

A House Of Greyhawk Cluster Island [Modded] steam://connect/

A House Of Greyhawk Cluster Center [Modded]

A House Of Greyhawk Cluster S. Earth [Modded]

A House Of Greyhawk Custer Ragnarok [Modded]


A House Of Greyhawk Cluster Aberration [Mods] No Flyers

A House Of Greyhawk Cluster Extinction [Modded]

A House Of Greyhawk Cluster Valguero [Modded]


A House of Greyhawk's Server


A House Of Greyhawk in Space

* Conan Exiles

House Of Greyhawk Citadel Server


On official server we play on: [Colonies][PvP][NA] The Kraken's Grasp We're a member of a friends' company because we couldn't survive due to being a tiny company. Ask Sarge for an invite if you want to join us.

(Blackwood Map)A House Of Greyhawk Server

Blackwood is a standalone map and requires download of a a free DLC from steam://openurl/https://store.steampowered.com/app/1129370/Blackwood__ATLAS_Expansion_Map/

* Mine Craft   White Listed

If you don't own Minecraft yet, make sure you buy it from Minecraft.net and not the Microsoft store. The MS store version cant download java versions of Minecraft (the server is running an older java version). You need the 64bit version of Java (otherwise the client will crash on startup), download it form https://java.com/en/download/windows-64bit.jsp

Modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/buddy-umis-adventure.1528953

Builder Access: https://poll.ftwgamer.com/mc-whitelist.php

Region Protection: https://poll.ftwgamer.com/mc-region.php

Player Complaint: https://poll.ftwgamer.com/mc-complain.php

Unban Request: https://poll.ftwgamer.com/mc-unban.php

Live Map: http://greyhawk.ftwgamer.com/map

Wiki's: http://greyhawk.ftwgamer.com/wiki.html