Wecome to Raginglunarics.com Gaming servers

Active servers have an * asterisk before the name. But are not in game servers name online.

Server Rules

This is a friendly gaming community and Discord server, however, there are a few rules:

All players need to join the discord Channel

No DRAMA of any kind.

Political/Religious/Racial/Homophobic talk is not allowed here

Respect each other

Treat a women like a women

Don't Be A Dick.

Don't Block Content.

So login to Discord and say hello so we know who you are make yourself at home just obey the few rules we have above.

Conan Exiles Server 

Last Oasis
Server name in red
*Asylum PVE Only 10x Hard Map No PVP No KOS Raginglunatics.com

Last oasis server.

Last oasis server is PVE only.



10x Resources

10 person maps

Obey Server rules in game and in discord.

If your using the server please jump into discord and say hello,
If you want a map swap you will need to ask in discord.

Maps and More

Easy Medium and Hard with Asteroid Crater

Just ask in discord and will try to get the maps you want.
Can only have one map at a time up right now.

Will be setting up a schedule for map rotations during the week.


Server name is in Red

*Asylum Scum Prison 149 PVE NA


DayZ Livonia Server 
Server name in red
* Asylum PVE Raginglunatics.com

DayZ  Livonia server.

DayZ server is PVE only.

4 person maps

Obey Server rules in game and in discord.

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