This is a pretty layed back stream but there are a few rules.

English only, please
No DRAMA of any kind.

Do not Whine or Complain
Let the Mods, do the Modding
Don’t Ask to be a Mod

No Story Spoilers of any Kind
Political/Religious/Racial/Homophobia talk is not allowed here
Respect each other
No links in chat without permission from Raging or Mod

Don’t self-promote or attempt to promote other streams or websites. This will result in a ban from the channel and or website.

Giveaway Rules

1. Do not try to claim a prize that you have not won, you will be timed out of all giveaways for The rest of the stream no exceptions.

2. You have 2 minute’s to claim your prize by typing! Claim in the Twitch chat area. If you do not claim it in the 2 minute time allotted, the bot will pick a new winner and so on and so on till a winner claims the win and again no exceptions. So if you walk away and win and do not! Claim sorry. 

3. All codes are as is. They all work and anyone trying to scam codes will be removed from the stream.

4. There are 4 codes that a viewer will have to friend me on steam to receive. You can do that here Stream Group they will be gifted to your account. All other codes will be received by Twitch email at the end of stream.

Gaming Server Rules

No single block land claiming
No blocking off access to game content
Read other rules above