Raging's Story

Hello I am Raging_Lunatic, I am a Twitch streamer and love all types of games. Survival, RTS, Sims, MMO, RPG and more. I live on the west coast of Florida about 1 mile from the Gulf Of Mexico. Grew up in the midwest. I have many interests Graphics Design, Web Design, Back end on Twitch, Gaming Servers. I started back in the 80's with BBS software "bulletin board system" yup that was before the internet when people called into my computer and I had files for them to download off disk, since then I have had a love for computers and gaming. 


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Games i PLay

I love to play survival games the most. If I can build bases in the game - even better, add zombies - and I am there and playing. MMO's are 2nd. Cards 3rd, love playing poker alot. I do like to roleplay in all my games when I'm with other people. RTS games I play some but, just really can't get into them that offen. SIMS  - I love the micro management stuff it's fun and I love to play them all. When I stream -  I am not the game of the month type streamer. If I enjoy a game -  I play it alot and dont jump to the next game as they come out. Check out Currently Playing below thats what I am playing on Steam right now.

82.3 hours / two weeks
80.7 hours / two weeks
1.3 hours / two weeks
0.3 hours / two weeks