Raging’s Story

Hello I am Raging_Lunatic, I am a Twitch streamer and love all types of games. Survival, RTS, Sims, MMO, RPG and more. I live on the west coast of Florida about 1 mile from the Gulf Of Mexico. Grew up in the midwest. I have many interests Graphics Design, Web Design, Back end on Twitch, Gaming Servers. I started back in the 80’s with BBS software “bulletin board system” yup that was before the internet when people called into my computer and I had files for them to download off disk, since then I have had a love for computers and gaming.



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Games i PLay

I love to play survival games the most. If I can build bases in the game – even better, add zombies – and I am there and playing. MMO’s are 2nd. Cards 3rd, love playing poker alot. I do like to roleplay in all my games when I’m with other people. RTS games I play some but, just really can’t get into them that offen. SIMS  – I love the micro management stuff it’s fun and I love to play them all. When I stream –  I am not the game of the month type streamer. If I enjoy a game –  I play it alot and dont jump to the next game as they come out. Check out Currently Playing below thats what I am playing on Steam right now.

Love them - 1st in line
Real-Time Strategy (RTS)
Like them but dont play to much
Love them
2nd in play time love them too
Role-play RPG
I love to role play in all games
Love card games - especially poker

Currently Playing

42.6 hours / two weeks
29.8 hours / two weeks
5.6 hours / two weeks
3.1 hours / two weeks
2.2 hours / two weeks
1.1 hours / two weeks
0.8 hours / two weeks

Games i am not playing ever again

I got Fallout 76 when it came out played it  alot, with it’s bugs and all there lie’s. Just reloaded it and tryed it again on 3/21/19 and all same bullshit. I dont know how a company like Bethesda can get a way with this I have lost all trust in this compnay and will not buy any other title at all from them. Now I see why they did not put it up on Steam for distrabution we could have got our money back. Fallout 76 was meant to change the very concept of the series, but turned out to be a complete disaster its simply unplayable. The game is not only boring and empty Bethesda looks like they copy and pasted Fallout 4 to make fallout 76, Waiting for the class action lawsuit I will be in it. Give me my cash back.

Live STreams

Streamers I watch all the time

All streams are currently offline.

Some of the streamers I watch above Like BurkeBlack,Crream,Gassymexican and more check them out and  follow them

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